Hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia

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Ever wished to visit Triglav National Park?
Read along for our 3-day guide to hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia.
Includes itinerary, planning help and tips, and budgeting.

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Trip Overview

Slovenia is a gorgeous and underrated piece of paradise niched between its bigger Italian, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian neighbors. Nature takes a big place in Slovenians’ hearts, so the country is built around everyone’s right to the outdoors.

Map representing where Triglav National Park is compared to its European neighbors
Triglav National Park’s borders touch Italy and Austria

Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Slovenia in a Nutshell


In the cities

Places of Interest


  • Lake Bled
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Ljubljana

In Triglav National Park

  • Mount Triglav Summit 2900m
  • Soteska Vintgar / Vintgar Gorge
  • Slap Savica / Savica Waterfall


We went to Slovenia for a total of 5 days.

  • Day 1 was spent getting to Lake Bohinj, doing SUP and going for a swim
  • Day 5 exploring Lake Bled and Ljubljana
  • The rest was hut-to-hut hiking in Triglav National Park, also called the Juliana Alps, for a total of 3 days.
Our hut-to-hut hiking itinerary in Triglav National Park
Our 39-km itinerary from lake Bohinj to lake Bled

Note: this is a one-way multi-day hike, so you will have to carry all your belongings on your back. Consider leaving some luggage at the train station/airport.

Breakdown of our hut-to-hut:
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Day 1: Ljubljana → Lake Bohinj

Upon landing to Ljubljana, we took the shuttle from the airport to Lake Bohinj. It was around €30 pp for an approx. 1-hour drive. Gorgeous views guaranteed!

We spent the day swimming in Lake Bohinj and hired a SUP at Alpine Sport Bohinjsko Jezero. I recommend hiring for 2 hrs to have time to tour the lake.

There are many options to sleep close to the trail start, such as Hotel Jezero to leave as early as possible the next day. The bed is really comfy and breakfast will satisfy all tastes.

For dinner, we booked Restaurant Triglav Bohinj, a gastronomic restaurant with incredible views on the mountain. It sure got us excited for the hike!

The clear waters of Lake Bohinj
The clear waters of Lake Bohinj

Day 2: Starting Our Hut-to-Hut Hiking Adventure: Lake Bohinj → Hut 1

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Conditions: Good fitness level required
  • Distance: 14.3 km / 8.9 mi

You start off the hike with varying views like grazing cows, a forest, a river and small waterfalls, but there is always a clear path to follow. It also gets steep mid-way but remains manageable.

Arriving at Vodnikov dom na Velem polju (hut 1) was very satisfactory. We paid for our stay upon arrival and waited for the dorms to open at 6pm by playing cards.

Vodnikov dom na Velem polju
Vodnikov dom na Velem polju in the distance

The hut is equipped with 2 bathrooms, a paid shower (€5), a few dorms with mountain view and a common room where people can make food or be served the one dish available for the evening, which was spaghetti bolognese that night.

Breakfast is served in that room as a small buffet and all guests are just trusted to be mindful of other guests for the quantities. The whole experience is based on trust, and we loved that.

Vodnikov dom na Velem polju is in a prime location to ascent Mount Triglav the next day.

Hiking in Triglav National Park, Slovenia
At the start of our hike in Bohinj

Day 3: Hut 1 → Blejska koča Lipanca / Hut 2

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Conditions: Very good fitness required
  • Distance: 11.6 km / 7.2 mi

This day was extremely difficult. You have to pay attention and follow the path. You basically go way up and way down the whole day, and it’s very tiring. We got stuck on a mountain face where I couldn’t move for minutes, so make sure you follow the path. Otherwise it’s a lot of steepness, and a lot of free rocks, with very little to grab on.

On the first hour, we did see a flock of cute sheep coming trough us, then a herd of cows, and that was great.

Day 4: Hut 2 → Lake Bled

  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Conditions: Good fitness required
  • Distance: 19.1 km / 11.9 mi

This one was more long than hard. We loved the hike but carrying weight for the first time is tiring, so we couldn’t wait to get to Bled, take off our backpack and go for a swim. We encountered a Slovenian festival along the way and got hotdog, saw live music and nationals in their traditional attire; it was fun!

We tried to go SUP but it was June and every single piece of equipment was sadly fully booked (book in advance!), so we ended up finding a corner of peace and quiet in the shade and swim up until this beautiful island you see on all pictures. Couldn’t capture it, but it’s worth seeing!
Don’t miss on it like we did – Book your SUP tour in Bled now!

We slept at the Penzion Vila Preseren, as a treat after sleeping in dorms for the past nights. The hotel was very well located, boarding the lake yet close to the bus station, and with a delicious restaurant; also, the room was well decorated and had all you need.

Day 5: Lake Bled → Ljubljana

On the 5th day, we took our time to get breakfast, and headed to the bus back to Ljubljana (about an hour) from the main bus station in Bled.

In Ljubljana, we took the afternoon to visit its beautiful architecture and lively alleys with cafes, restaurants and delicate street art. The city center is very safe, and there are a lot of expats as you can hear a lot of English from seemingly local people.

We stayed at Boutique Hotel Asteria, a small hotel pretty well located and with a lovely staff that accommodated to-go breakfast for our 5am checkout the next day.

Indications to Lipanci hut in Triglav
Signage to Lipanci hut

First time Hut-to-Hut? Read these Planning Tips

Hut-to-Hut Hiking: Route & Accommodation

Mountain huts are owned by the Alpine Association of Slovenia (SPD) and operated by local Alpine clubs.
Planning a trip to Julian Alps/Triglav NP can be challenging, but follow these guidelines:

  • Become a member of the Alpine Association of Slovenia to get insurance and discounts on huts. Recommended for more than one night on the mountain.
  • Plan your accommodation and route simultaneously. Book your huts the most in advance possible.
    • Plan your hiking route using the Komoot app.
    • Locate your huts using the SPD website. Go on each separate website to find booking information.
  • It is forbidden to camp in the Triglav NP so be sure to have accommodation booked.
  • Some huts are available to book online, but most only via email.
  • Buy the map of the mountain when you’re still in town.
River in Triglav on our hut-to-hut hike
Beautiful waterfalls on the 1st day

In the mountains

  • The Alpine Association of Slovenia membership includes insurance that covers you for accidents in the mountain. Get it!
  • There are NOT a lot of food and drinks options, the huts on the way (if there are) are the only place you can buy some. Plan stocks of snacks accordingly!
  • Cash only.
  • Huts have different categories; Cat I and II provide most things such as toilets, food and drinks; for Cat III and above you will need to sustain yourself.
  • Most food in the hut is meat-heavy. Plan accordingly if vegetarian or vegan.
  • You will need to bring a liner for sleeping, or else you’ll need to buy a single-use in each hut.
  • Orientation in the mountain is pretty easy thanks to signage.
Hut on our hut-to-hut hike
Shepherd’s hut at Vodnikov dom na Velem polju

Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ HOW to book the mountain huts?


  • Book your huts well in advance and one after the other. If your request is not accepted, it will be easier to shift your plans. The huts usually respond within hours.
  • Purchase the PZS membership card and become a member of the Alpine Association of Slovenia (PZS/SPD). It will provide you insurance in the mountains as well as discounts on the huts.

2️⃣ WHEN can I go hut-to-hut hiking in Triglav?

You can reasonably go hut-to-hut hiking between mid-June and mid-September. Most huts are closed during the off season, and camping in Triglav National Park is prohibited.

Beware: the mountains are crowded in July and August, and the huts booked long in advance. For a greater experience, I recommend going in June or September.

the author hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia
Picture from Tyler Sindel – check out his website


This trip cost us around €572 for 2 people for 5 days, excl. plane tickets.

Transportation: €77 for 2

  • Shuttle Ljubljana Airport-Bohinj €60
  • Bus Bled-Ljubljana: €10
  • Bus Ljubljana-Airport: €3.50 pp

Accommodation: €380 for 2

  • Hotel Bohinj: €119 incl. breakfast
  • Hut 1: €82 half-board
  • Hut 2: €60 half-board
  • Hotel Bled: €103 incl. breakfast
  • Hotel Ljubljana: €76 incl. breakfast

Food & Drinks: €215 for 2

  • Mostly half-board on the mountain
  • Dinner in Bohinj: €95 for a gourmet menu incl. wine & tip
  • Dinner in Bled: €120 for the whole evening

Hope you enjoyed! If you have any feedback or questions,
I would love to hear them in the comments. Cheers!

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  1. Hello

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    (around EUR 300?)

    1. Hi Greg! Sorry for the delayed reply. Absolutely – you pay per person for your flight, your bed in the huts, and all the food so you should be able to stick with the budget, depending on where you fly/commute from. Enjoy your holidays in Slovenia!

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