Read along for our guide to a great visit of Europe by train!

Europe has this incredible advantage to have a myriad of beautiful cities to discover, just a few hours from each other.

Our trips by train

Interrail: Nordics & Eastern Europe

Our big project of 2023! We bought an Interrail Pass back in May 2022 when they had their huge 50th anniversary sale. As you can activate your pass up to 11 months after purchase, it gave us about a year to plan a month long of traveling.

This trip is currently in the making, and the only thing for sure is that we will be starting off in Bergen, go allll the way to Kiruna. Check out our posts below to follow this adventure!

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Ski trip to Austria

The Dutch train network released some pretty cool new lines from 2022 – there are now direct night lines from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Zurich, Innsbruck, Berlin and in 2024 even Barcelona. So we had to check it out!

Posts about our Austria by Train trip

Why it’s awesome

Territories with well-developed train networks are so easy to travel across, and Europe is a great user case for that. You can easily go from the UK to Istanbul, and see some pretty incredible things on the way.

Why traveling by train is AWESOME:

  • It is the least polluting means of transportation
  • No need to come hours early just to check in
  • No line making you miss your flight
  • No traffic jams
  • No luggage restriction
  • You can get a sleeping cabin in night trains
  • The smoothest ride you’ll get – no turbulences, no movement
  • Everyone gets to enjoy the view
    I could go on for ever. Taking the train is awesome.

It’s so awesome that some countries have made train rides major tourist attractions, like the Bergen Line in Norway:

Why it’s important

Tourism is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions worldwide, and transportation accounts for exactly half of that. While taking the plane is necessary to travel across sea, the energy consumption needed for the flight to takeoff makes it even worse to take for small distances, especially since they usually occur more frequently than long distance in someone’s life.